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Artisan Spirit - Angle - Oval - Cutter

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About this item

Spirit Oval Cutter - with an extra long handle to give a perfect balance when painting, the Spirit Oval Cutter is oval shaped for superb performance. It loads up with paint in the middle of the head and lays off with precision on the sides. The Oval Cutter uses our unique Technofil formulation with flagged filaments to give a smooth finish to any painting job. Long lasting, with a stiff formulation for water based paints, the oval has been used by generations of craftsmen. Our ovals are made with the highest quality materials; brushed stainless ferrules, Ultrabond epoxy resin, and FSC certified kiln dried beech hardwood handles fixed to the brush head by our “double lock” system so will never loosen. Perfect for use with acrylic paints.

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