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At Pioneer Brush USA, both happy customers and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Please see the following testimonials from happy customers around the world.

"The brush that you send for the stain purposes it's a great brush love the brush,"
- Roberto, Bayside, NY.

"Load up well and deliver a first class finish."
- Fran Marku, Noble Decorators.

"These brushes are a breath of fresh air and a welcome return to high quality."
- Wayne de Wet; Dulux Select Decorator of the Year Grand Winner.

"I’m an old school painter for 25 years and I can hand on heart recommend these brushes. I would say they are the best bristle brush I've used for years."
- Tony Toth Decorating,

"I'm very impressed with the load up and holding quality of the SPIRIT OVAL range of brushes. The bristles are of just the right stiffness and lead to a good even finish with all of the emulsions I have used so far. The bristles also clean up very well,leaving no residue of other colours trapped in the head of the brush,which is one of the biggest problems with other makes. Excellent product and recommended! "
- Jon Booker, The Folkestone Decorator

"You're interior brushes are easy to use, clean, store and ready to be used the next day, thank you." James T. UK

"I don't find your brushes to leave train tracks on the walls, great finish and nice gripping handles." Roger T. USA

"I have been using your outdoor brushes on stucco walls on my front porch and they work like a dream." Henry M. USA

"I first purchased these via ordering online.  It took a few extra days to arrive coming direct from the factory, and no middle man, yeah...." Tim S. UK

"They are wonderful for tight corner painting. The handle just fits into the crook of my thumb, making them extremely stable. I put them in the washer with a load of towels to get everything out of them. I highly recommend them." Giovanni. Italy

"This has become one of my favorite brushes for that special line. It doesn't stress me like larger brushes sometimes do and it creates a very nice, sharp feel with minimal effort. I wasn't sure that I would like the size because I have large hands but it is one of the first brushes that I grab for many big painting jobs. Its small size also makes it great for getting into small or hard to reach spaces when painting furniture." Ruben NY

“I can say they are better than Purdy.. I prefer your brand”. Arben, New York.




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